Monday, October 22, 2012

Matchbox Twenty Tour

North Tour - 21st October 2012
Supports: Evermore and Inxs

I was dying to get tickets to see Matchbox Twenty, but really couldn't afford the price, it was super expensive, however when tickets got marked to half price, I jumped at the opportunity and still managed to get great seats! Prior to going to this concert, I expected to know very few of their songs, however ended up knowing most of the songs they performed, which was very exciting! Having still getting amazing seats less than a week prior to the performance makes me wonder how many tickets were not sold at full price! This concert was amazing.

Vocals: I have never seen this band perform live so had no idea what to expect. The second Rob Thomas began to sing, oh my god! His vocal were perfect. Possibly the best live performance (not lip-syncing) vocals I have ever heard. Throughout the entire performance I could not get over how amazing singing. This made the concert so much more enjoyable. His voice is pure perfection!
Costumes: The band wore very much appropriate clothing to their band. Most wore skinny jeans of some sort and a t-shirt or button down shirt. As I was paying most attention to Rob Thomas throughout the performance, this is where I can give a rundown of what he was wearing. During the performance, Rob Thomas wore black skinny leg jeans with some sort of Adidas sneakers, and a red t-shirt for much of the performance. Between the main part of the performance and the encore, Rob Thomas changed into a black t-shirt. Both very nice if you ask me.
Stage: The stage I was obsessed with! It had stairs around the stage with various leveled platforms which had the musicians placed around it. The stairs and the platforms all lit up in different colours (mostly green, red and blue). The stage was visually really pretty and worked for the band. With Rob Thomas mostly wondering around the stage during the performance, he was able to make the most of the platforms available. I loved when the stage and the arena turned pink, this was super pretty!
Dancing: A band does not really dance. But Rob Thomas occasionally pulled the moves... This was very nice to see. He however kept wondering around the stage and keeping the crowd going and ensured they were all super into the performance.
Set List: The set list included many of the bands old and new songs. Although I did not know the names of many of their songs, it was exciting that I knew most of the songs they performed. The crowd seemed to be most into songs such as Unwell, How Far We've Come and She's So Mean. My personal favourite they performed was Unwell, this is because I love it when the crowd is so into the song and singing so loudly.
Crowd Interaction: A friend had told me the band does not interact a lot with the audience, I did not find this the case. The band interacted with the crowd as much as was necessary and included the crowd in singing parts of the songs, chatting with the crowd and general things like that. Although not a lot of crowd interaction, I felt it was adequate for the band.

Support Acts: We chose to skip seeing Evermore as we had seen them a little over a week ago with Maroon 5. Inxs were a must though, and boy do they sound amazing having been rocking out for so many years now! This band were amazing, I would definitely pay to see them again. Although a new singer now, he manages to fill the spot and do it well.

I easily rate this concert five stars out of five - the vocals from Rob Thomas were amazing!

ConcertGoer x

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maroon 5 Tour

Overexposed Tour - 12th October 2012
Support: Evermore

I'll admit, one of the reasons I got tickets for this tour was to see Adam Levine and hope that he would take his shirt off... Much to my disappointment, he did not take his shirt off. I have not seen many actual bands, more so individual performers. Our seats were amazing for this show, however sometimes our view was interferred by a square thing on top of a pole - not sure what this was. Needless to say, we had a lovely view of Adam Levine.

Vocals: Adam Levine admited to being unwell during the show (perhaps a common cold or the flu), as anyone would expect this would effect his vocal abilities, however it didn't. During parts where he spoke to the crowd, he did sound a little under the weather, however this did not imapct on his vocals throughout the show - still managing to sound near perfect as he sounds on the bands recorded music.
Costumes: The band wore white; white pants, white tshirts, but black shoes. An interesting choice for an all male band, it somewhat worked for them though. It made it easy to see where they all were (I had forgotten to bring my glasses to this concert) and it worked well with the entire black stage and black back drop curtain.
Stage: The stage was nothing overly special, it was a standard rectangle shaped stage with the band placed about the stage filling it up. Adam Levine used the entire front part of the stage to move around while he was performing. At one point there was a giant disco ball suspended from the ceiling of the arena, lights were on the spinning ball and the arena looked very pretty - possibly the prettiest I have ever seen it look!
Dancing: Not a lot of dancing throughout this concert, however Adam Levine did pull the moves occasionly throughout. There isn't much to comment on about the dancing because there was very little - although this is expected.
Setlist: The setlist was very good! It included all the bands released singles, including other songs off of their Overexposed album and also their upcoming single. I would say the crowd most enjoyed Payphone (which the band opened with) and Moves Like Jagger (which the band closed the concert with). Moves Like Jagger had the crowd singing louder than Adam Levine at some points - this I love!
Crowd Interaction: There was a lack of crowd interaction during this concert. Adam Levine, I felt, did not chat with the crowd a great deal or get them involved within songs much as I have previously seen.

Support Act: I hadn't heard a lot from Evermore in the past few years, but they had their latest album drop the same day as the concert. The music performed sounded very good! However, the vocals were not very loud and it was often difficult to understand what their lead singer was attempting to say to the audience at times.

Overall I rate this concert three and a half stars out of five - this would have been more if Adam Levine took his shirt off!!!

ConcertGoer x

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lady Gaga Tour

Born This Way Ball - 28th June 2012 & 1st July 2012
Support: Lady Starlight

Having seen Lady Gaga's previous tour, I had very high expectations for this tour! And she certainly did not disappoint! Lady Gaga being one of my favourite artists at the moment, I knew I had to go to this tour twice. The first time I had very good seats, however the second time I had restricted view second row seats - although restricted view, these seats were amazing!! I have to admit... I was so excited during Bad Romance I started crying. Embarrassing right!?

Vocals: Lady Gaga's vocals are simply perfect! She sounds amazing live. There is definitely no auto-tune or lip-syncing throughout her performance although she manages to dance almost the entire time. Proven how amazing her vocals are was during her performance of new song 'Princess Die'. This was completely stripped back and was Lady Gaga's vocals and a piano - although the second time I saw her, a drum section was added which sounded very very good! Lady Gaga possibly has the best live vocals I have ever heard!
Costumes: Known for her slightly crazy costumes, Lady Gaga did not disappoint when it came to her costumes. Designed by luxury designer Giorgio Armani and one pair of her shoes were custom Christian Louboutin's - one of my personal favourite designers. A collaboration with these designers and the Haus of Gaga meant her costumes were slightly crazy but amazing! A mock up of the infamous 'meat dress' and added with a 'meat couch' showed it has had a lasting impression on her performing career. Most of Lady Gaga's costumes were in black and white. All the costumes were very eye-catching and exactly what Lady Gaga fans would expect from the queen herself!
Stage: Wow! The most amazing stage I have ever seen. This stage was a giant gothic style castle! It was interactive throughout the performance with parts of the castle moving around the stage. I loved this set as the band was hidden in amongst it, which meant the entire stage area could be used for props and dancing. The stage came out and around with a hollow centre, this section was used for the 'mega-fans' and was appropriately named the Monster Pit.
Dancing: All but one song of the performance had dancing - if not Lady Gaga herself then certainly had back-up dancers. I love that this tour and Lady Gaga's previous tours have all been very visual; this means the audience is constantly captivated in what is going on around the stage. The dancers were both many female and male dancers, and had exceptional choreography.
Setlist: The setlist included all her hit singles, as well as many songs of both albums. The tour prior to coming to Melbourne had her song 'Hair' in the setlist (one of my personal favourites by Lady Gaga), this song however was replaced with 'Princess Die', as happy as I was to see this new song, I would have loved to have seen her perform 'Hair'. Although this song was not performance, all the songs Lady Gaga did perform were amazing. In my opinion, she should have closed the show with 'Born This Way' as this is one of her biggest international songs, however she sang it as the third or fourth song and closed with 'Marry The Night' - a song Lady Gaga has said is about an amazing night coming to an end, very true in regards to the Born This Way Ball!
Crowd Interaction: Lady Gaga is constantly interacting with her fans during the performances. At one point she sat on the steps on her stage and announced it was story time before showing the audience some amazing artwork by a fan! She also interacts in the way which she pays attention to what is happening in this Monster Pit - this being some crazy dancing happening which she pointed out to those who may have not previously seen it. She also at one point took a sex doll from the audience and proceeded to have a conversation with it and also begin to dance with it. This was entertaining for the audience. As well we interacting with the audience, Lady Gaga also picked a number of lucky fans in the Monster Pit to meet her backstage following the show.

Support Act: Before making it big, Lady Gaga used to open shows for go-go dancer Lady Starlight. However now bringing Lady Starlight as her own opening act. This was an interesting choice. Lady Starlight did not really do much to warm up the audience. I do not rate this support act highly. Perhaps rather than bringing a friend on tour, someone who is more likely to warm up the crowd would have been a better option.

Overall this concert is definitely a five stars out of five! So amazing I went twice. I really hope this comes out on DVD.

ConcertGoer x

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys Tour

NKOTBSB Tour - 19th May 2012
Support: Johnny Ruffo

OMG the Backstreet Boys... The music these guys make is amazing. I was so excited to see them. I did not know many New Kids On The Block songs, however they were amazing to see live. It was major boy-band overload, but in the best way possible. These two boy-bands shit all over the new ones that are coming out now.
Getting fifth row tickets for such a massive concert was amazing! So close, and almost the best seats possible. These seats were amongst the action and so close to the stage.

Vocals: Although having been in the industry for so many years, I was unsure what to expect in their live vocals. Both groups sounded amazing live and definitely did not lip-sync. They sounded near perfect to their recorded tracks. I was surprised to see how good they both still were. Although with the help of fellow band members, neither group missed anything. Perfection.
Costumes: Corny boy-band costumes. Enough said? Yes they all wore matching suits, white suits even; among other costumes including at the end of the concert in their closing songs together, both wore lame tourist Australian hoodies. Not your typical stage atire, but they made it work for them.
Stage: The stage was set out with the band raised at the back on a platform, then with a runway coming out the front of the stage. The runway was used a lot, in particular the section at the very end of it which they would all often stand on and move around to perform. As this part went out into the floor seating area, the crowd were very much a part of the concert in they were so close to all the action.
Dancing: More corny boy-band antics. Corny boy-band dancing. Identical dance moves, I could not take this, it was way too entertaining to see. Lame dance moves that went with their songs. Too funny!
Setlist: The initial setlist was a fan voted setlist. This allowed all their biggest hits to be performed, and give the fans what they want in a live performance. This is one way to please everyone and it worked well. Both boy-bands played their biggest hits, as well as one song which they had recorded together for their album they released prior to the tour - NKOTBSB.
Crowd Interaction: Probably some of the best crowd interaction I have ever seen - and I have been to a lot of concerts. Both New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys came through the crowd. A member of NKOTB came up our aisle from the stage, drinking an audience members beer on the way up - crowd interaction at its best so I thought. However when BSB came down our aisle towards the stage I lost my shit. Nick Carter, next to me, I touched him - falling off the seat I was standing on in the process. Oh my god. I die. He is god. The best ever.

Support Act: Johnny Ruffo, I had followed his career since his beginnings on The X-Factor. Not a great singer at the beginning of the series, but so good by the end. He was great to see! He got the crowd amped up for the beginning of NKOTBSB and may as well have been in the boy-bands himself with the dance moves he pulled. He was amazing. I would definitely see him again.

Overall this concert is easily a five out of five. One of the best nights of my life - I would gladly relive it over again!

ConcertGoer x

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nicki Minaj Tour

Pink Friday Tour - 18th May 2012
Support: Timomatic

I had seen Nicki Minaj perform previously on television and did not think much of her live vocal ability. I have also seen her perform on stage with Britney Spears on the Femme Fatale Tour DVD, I'm about 99% sure she lip-synced this performance alongside Britney. I was not sure how she would sound live, although did not fail vocally.
At this concert, I have never belted out a song as loudly as I did 'Starships' - the beginning of me getting sick and also losing my voice; although not a bad thing, I guess in the moment, you don't think about this stuff.

Vocals: Nicki's vocals seemed to be near spot on. I am not sure whether she lip-synced or sang live. She didn't miss any lyrics and was amazing to see live. Although sometimes being drowned out by the audience, this is a good thing in a way as it shows the crowd is enjoying the concert and isn't bored. She did not have a band there live, this also lead to my speculation that Nicki did not sing live and had a backing track the entire time. At times, it was obvious she was singing over the top of the track, however other sings it was not obvious whether she was live or not.
Costumes: Nicki wore her usual bright and flamboyant costumes. Mini shorts that showed off her fake and rather large arse, and a tutu which did not help her curvaceous figure. The costumes were eye-catching and appealing to the audience. There was probably one too many costume changes for the set which lasted just one hour.
Stage: The stage was set up with a platform and stairs at the back, screens all over the stage showing bright lights and graphics - including during one song transforming the look of her stage into that of a house with hot pink walls and a fireplace. Although the stage had many graphics screens on it, it was not easy to see Nicki with no cameras used in the arena. This was not good for people who were sitting far back - or like me and have bad eyes!
Dancing: Nicki danced at various occasions throughout, although much of the time she was walking between the two sides of the stage and the front, as well as being up on top of the platform. She had back-up dancers throughout the concert which were able to make the concert more interesting as the crowd didn't know where to look - at her or her amazing dancers.
Setlist: The setlist included all her hit singles, including 'Super Bass' and 'Starships', as well as many other of her great songs off the two albums she has released. She also performed the song she features in with David Guetta, 'Turn Me On', this rating very highly with the crowd! The crowd seemed to enjoy the setlist, however as usual it was the released singles that were pleasers all around.
Crowd Interaction: Nicki could have interacted with the crowd a lot more than she did. She did the standard 'thank you for coming' and all the usual stuff artists do. About halfway through, she did get three people up on stage to compete. There was a dancer and two singers - all winning money of some sort. It was difficult to tell whether the dancer and one of the singers had been placed in the audience as they were so good. It seemed they both had a planned routine.

Support Act: I had never heard any of Timomatic's music or seen his dancing. I must say, he is one of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen!! I did not pay much attention to his singing as I was more focused on his dancing. I would see him again just for his dancing, although an amazing dancer, it was difficult to see him at times as he was wearing white pants and singlet, with a white curtain behind him - not good.

Overall I would rate this concert four out of five stars - I would probably see her again, it was a great night.

ConcertGoer93 x

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jessie J Tour

Heartbeat Tour - March 7th 2012
Supports: Amy Meredith, Ruby Rose and Professor Green

Jessie J has always been a favourite of mine. I was aware that she was forced to cancel two previous shows in Perth due to being sick and losing her voice. The lead up to the concert I was so worried she was going to cancel in Melbourne. The show went ahead, however not without problems. Although strong vocals, it was feared that prior to her encore she would not be coming back on due to her voice once again almost failing on her. She did come back, and her encore was one of the best encores I have seen - 'Price Tag' and 'Domino'.
With issues finding someone to go with less than a week before the concert - I refused to go alone. This did not make it easy for me. However asking a large number of people, I finally found someone to go with. Life saver.

Vocals: Although Jessie J had prevous lost her voice in the days before the concert, she was able to come out and perform the entire concert as if she had no vocal issues. She had strong vocals. However, towards the end of the main part of the concert (before encore) her voice was getting weaker, with fears she would not be back to perform her encore and her two biggest songs. With an extra long break between the end of the main set and the encore, it would not have mattered if she had a voice or not; the crowd singing made up for the lack of vocals she had.
Costumes: Jessie J wore leotards with a long wrap around. She changed the wrap around throughout the concert and kept the same red leotard on. During her performance of 'Do It Like A Dude' she wore a denim vest, and an oversized snapback hat. This is her impression of a 'dude'. Her costumes were basic but it worked for her.
Stage: The stage had stairs up the centre of it and a raised platform at the back. This was not used much throughout the performance as she tend to stay fairly near to the front of the stage - closer to her fans. This is a good thing it was not used much as their were cables which affected our view of her on the raised platform. The stairs were used for her to sit on when she performaned a ballard.
Dancing: Jessie J is not much of a dancer. She did move around and use the stage to its full potential however did not dance. This was not an issue as there was a lot of crowd interaction and you did not really seem to notice the lack of dancing during the performance.
Set List: The set list was all Jessie J originals. She performed her entire album 'Who You Are', as well as her latest single 'Domino'. Although on stage for just over an hour, there was no need for any covers to be done. Performing an entire album is becoming less common, so it was great to hear all of her songs live - not just her released singles.
Crowd Interaction: Jessie J interacted with the crowd a lot. She was constantly talking to them between songs and also had a girl brought up on stage to join her for 'Price Tag'. With sound issues throughout, and ear piece feedback issues, Jessie J was able to just chat with the audience as if she were chatting to a friend about her day - entertaining!

Support Acts: Amy Meredith, I have seen them live before, I know they have a great sound but they are such weird guys. We only saw their last songs as we were late getting to the venue. From what we saw they were really good and got the crowd amped up for Jessie J to come on. Professor Green, he was not at all what I expected to see. He was a hip hop rapper thing. I don't even know how to describe the style of music he performed. His vocals lacked, with only one good song 'Read All About It' - mostly because it was a duet and you could understand the girl. Ruby Rose was there to keep the crowd attention between sets, she did a DJ set. As much as I love the girl, I'm positive she puts a CD in her decks and lets it play.

Overall I would rate this concert four and a half stars out of five - I would definitely see her again.

ConcertGoer93 x

Human Nature - Las Vegas

Smokey Robinson Presents Human Nature - 24th February 2012
This performance had no support, Human Nature have a residency at the Imperial Palace, Las Vegas.

I had always had a soft spot for Human Nature, they have an amazing sound and the most incredible harmonies. 
We bought our VIP tickets as soon as they went on sale, we had a table that was right up against the stage, the most amazing seats, right in the centre of the stage. They may as well have sweat on you. Being so close to the stage, they kept eyeing me off during the entire show, I  had to make sure I was into it the whole time - it wasn't hard to do, they were amazing!!!!
Getting eyed off by four guys and feeling like I was getting serenaded by them all when Phil would look into my eyes and sing, sounds romantic right? It was so weird.
We did meet the four guys following the performance, I was so excited to meet Toby... He is my favourite. Yes, I did get a photo with him.
These guys are some of the nicest guys I have ever met, I would gladly meet them again!!

Vocals: These guys have the grestest live harmony I have ever heard. Their voices are near perfection. Easily heard and so strong. These guys have been performing together for many years, but their vocals never fail in their live performances.
Costumes: Four guys dressed in identical suits. I love it. Typical 'boy-band' way of dressing. They dressed appropriately to their motown style of performance. I loved all the different suits they wore throughout their performance. Great wardrobe choices!
Stage: A simple stage layout with moving signs up the back of the stage. This sign was the typical bright catch older style sign. It was very effective as a back drop to the performance. As the sign moved upwards, the back drop became black with many lights in the back of it - night sky like. It was very pretty! Stairs around the stage created a platform which was used a lot throughout the show for performance.
Dancing: The boys had limited dancing but their moves were very appropriate to their performance style and worked really well.
Set list: I will admit, I do not know many Human Nature songs, and I did not know many of the covers they performed. 'Baby I Need Your Loving' was the only song I really knew they performed. Most of the songs they did perform were all motown classics that they were able to put their own spin on.
Crowd Interaction: Human Nature interacted differently with the crowd to any American artist I have ever seen (with the exception of Pink). They came accross as typical laid back Australian guys. The beginning of the show they asked if there were any Australians there, us being the only ones they kept referring to us throughout. During the performance the guys ran accross the tables which were in line with the stage - including ours! Meeting them after the show was so good - although it was a little strange meeting such well known Australians in another country.

Overall I rate this perfomance five out of five.

ConcertGoer93 x